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Well we just came away from the BAFTA LA Masterclass event with our jaws dropped and our eyes popping out like we were thrown onto the surface of mars like Arnold Schwarzenneger was or should we say Doug Quaid from Total Recall. We arrived at the Pacific Design Center and knew there was a celebration yet to ensue and it's all we can do to keep from screaming out loud "Wing Commander You Rule!”

While we sit here listening intently, it all sounds to good to be true. They want to do what with the Cry-Engine? Wait a minute we just wanted to make sure we heard you correctly? We take a big breath then ask Chris; wait a minute let me get this straight, you want a First Person Shooter that then allows you to move independently from spaceship to spaceship and also spaceship to ground and still combine that with a space simulator with a persistent universe and then you want it all to be funded by the entire gaming community on you own website with no big publisher to back you?

We catch our breath and then Chris answers back with an astounding yes, we love his confidence! Then he shows us the footage and again we can hardly wait to get signed up to be a Star Citizen and get into our Constellation class star-ship for some space and planetary exploration and many other adventures (Arrr, Avast me hearties!) We say to Chris "we can hardly wait for your space sim Mr. Roberts Sir," then he says  "besides all that there is another game I want to put out before Star Citizen called Squadron 42." Which will get everyone acclimated to Star Citizen when it ships out sometime in Late 2016.

We are now basically blown away times infinity. Then he whips out the in-game video capture he is demonstrating that evening and everyone went crazy over the Star Citizen footage! Well it's been a long time since last January and everyone here has there hangars almost full. Everyone at GamingHQ are ready to get in the cockpit of our star fighters and a few of you lucky ones are at the helm of your giant star-cruiser or possibly even something quite larger!

“See you around the verse” as Chris Roberts says in a cheery and to be quite honest a giggly voice, all I know is this is Star Citizen Grand Admiral Strongneck reporting for duty Sir!

Party palace in space,
CitCon at the Avalon 2017!    

We came we saw we got our asses kicked, in the game Star Citizen that is! (maybe a little bit at the bar also) That’s correct in your assumption that there are 7 bars at the CitCon at the Avalon. We may be missing a secret one or two of course. Now back to Citizen Con 2017 (CitCon) for short. As I looked into a crowd of “Citizen’s” which was very daunting. Although the Citizen’s that I met we’re very intelligent and in tune with the game and every aspect of what the game should be. Most had different anticipations: one Citizen (John) said to us: “I don’t know what to expect all I know is if Chris Robert’s is backing it, then so am I!” Another Citizen (Steve) said: “When this comes out I’m never leaving my Starship, only to escape to another planet or another galaxy.” Then there’s Matt: “This game looks so F!@#$#ING GREAT! My friends and I are going to be tearing up the entire Universe a new one, F#$$!CK YEAH!!” Matt seemed the most excited, which may’ve been from the shots at the bar, did we mention there are 7 bars. At least that we knew of…  We did our best with our equipment to cover moments of action at the Con. We use the Persiscope App, which is for ios and android devices. We are on Periscope. You can find the app here: ( our screen name on Periscope: GamingHQ. You’ll be able to see some CitCon 2016 footage there.  What’s most important now is to tell you what we saw at CitCon 2016. We saw a game in early development with high expectations and Man leading teams of extensive talent to achieve those expectations! We were also impressed at the stage of the game almost 4 years after launch. It’s truly a Universe of free thinking, free minded Star Citizens. Each with his or her own viewpoint and interests that will make the dream that every Star Citizen wants: To travel, communicate, fight and explore seamlessly through vehicles, buildings, starships and their own Persistent universe. We know there’s a Manchester image to the right, but we couldn’t find a Los Angeles made poster.  …Please send us one…  
““When this comes out I’m never leaving my Starship, only to escape to another planet or another galaxy.”

Greer is already trying to get signed up for the UEEs so he can wear his flight suit next time. Thanks to our Pilot friend for the pose> Please send us his name…
(…and yes rich is wearing a fanny pack, he’s just wearing it backwards…)

Our camera equipment needs an upgrade please help contribute to our goals, where we can offer you better views and more angles to get crisper images. Make us your GlobalGamingHeadQuartes.Com!

Did you see the new Polaris yet? Here’s a peek at the new battleship with a hangar bay for fighter support!

Can you guess who is now the proud owner of a brand new (We know we’re going to get spanked for buying this one) POLARIS!!

…and yes of course everything got Signed, thank you Chris, Tony, Ben and, Dave! We are sure there are more names it’s just we we’re too drunk to remember them and then we couldn’t read the signatures the next day.

GamingHq looks forward to being at the helm of the Battleship Polaris and looks forward to meeting and

signing up a new crew! It will take sheer determination and a commitment to excellence on everyone’s part…

.…or no one will come out alive. Do you still want to sign up? Great then send us your email address and tell us:

…which ship is your favorite? …Which station you prefer? …Do you prefer space battles over land battles?

….and please most importantly tell us your name!  ….and yes of course, your Call Sign To…

(If you would like more detailed information of the evening visit GamersNexus and read the article by Steve Burke published Oct. 9th, 2016)