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GamingHQ will be with you through the long month of February, It's a LEAP YEAR! GamingHQ has all your favorite games to help you through the months of March & April, GamingHQ will be playing with all the NEWEST GAMES and putting them to the test! Our VR games will include: ironman VR and check out:

MARCH 2020
Time to gorge yourself with food and be thankful for all the games you get to play, because it’s Thanksgiving time again. Time to take on friends and family from the couch with a stomach full of turkey, we will be playing plenty of Sports with ALL your favorite EA Sports titles: UFC 3, Madden 2020, NHL 2020, NBA 2020. Plus, some games that just might make you go back for a second helping:

APRIL 2020

Looks like we cannot keep our hands off  EA's Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order! Even with all the crazy wall jumping, we are still hooked. We reviewed all the games for this year & this game will most likely take the game of the year in our opinion. Otherwise, December's game lineup is looking thin Halo Reach, Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition, Life Is Strange 2 Episode 5, Terminator Resistance - Dec 3rd, Darksiders Genesis, Star Ocean: First Departure - Dec 5th, Hearthstone, Mechwarrior 5, Narcos Rise Of The Cartels - Dec 10th WE'LL SEE YA NEXT YEAR FOR MORE GAMING IN 2020!!

MAY 2020


our MONTHLY global journey for 2020:

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Gaminghq.Global Begins with devoted gamer's who are tired of finding faults in existing role playing and first-person shooter games, always talking about what you'd do differently? Now's your chance. Finally among all the other gaming sites here is one where your comments and suggestions drive our game and website content.

You asked what was missing from the gaming world and now we can drive this website forward with your ideas, designs and creativity. Within reason of course. All international ideas are welcome here to. The International community of gamer's is no less brimming with gaming ideas and info. From new ways of playing games, making fun game mods,  game design ideas and just plain helping each other with this new forum of being collaborative and cooperative with this gaming website collaboration from around the GLOBE, which make yous all Global Gamer's!!!.